Lainika Seaman

Lainika, at age 21, brings her high harmony to the group which adds amazing clarity and quality to every song. She has also excelled as a soloist, singing on songs such as I Choose You and It Is Well. Her voice has matured incredibly over the years.

When Eternity Focus first recorded their self-titled album which was released in April of 2007, Lainika was just 12 years old. “It’s interesting to hear how it’s {my voice} changed… It has a low tone to it, which is funny since I sing the high harmony.” She plays acoustic guitar when on tour. Lainika has also stood out nationally as a songwriter with her song I Choose You (which she co-wrote with Danika) gaining national recognition.

But probably her most amazing work to date is her song God Are You There which has been made into a music video and deals with the issues women face after abortion. Featured on such sites as Worship House Media, Easy Worship and Sermon, this mini-movie has been used to bring healing, hope and love to hurting, haunted souls across the world. “Film has a way of breaking boundaries and barriers… I love using that venue for Jesus.

By making a music video that shows how much He loves each imperfect person {and that’s all of us} we’re able to share that message with countless people across the planet. God is so awesome, the opportunities that He extends to each of us are endless; forgiveness, grace, love, joy… I hope when people see the movie, they capture the essence of who Jesus is and Who He wants to be in each of our lives.” Lainika graduated from high school in 2012 and has since started a photography business. Check out Laini’s Len’s Photography on Facebook to see some of her work.

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