Janika (Seaman) Slayden

Janika, 24, adds her own personality and flair to the group. Though she will never sing a solo, she adds an element of strength to the sound of the group by reinforcing the melody, causing it to sound as if there are more than just four voices. She also adds interesting harmonies at times which increase the intensity of your listening experience.

As far as songwriting goes, Janika plays the part of the detached critic. “They will bring me a song and I’ll tell them everything that needs changed in it. I’m not in love with the lyrics yet so I’m still objective and can say, “Cut that line, it doesn’t make sense…” I’m also very simple so it helps keep our songs relatable to every audience, not just people who love poetry.” Though she never would admit it, most of the time when the group is stumped, Janika will deliver a line that will make the song come to life. She also plays bass guitar for the group on tour.

In June of 2014, Janika married Thomas Slayden. They live in Missouri and Thomas joins the group in their travels whenever he can.

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