Danika Seaman

Danika, age 25, adds amazing sound with her clear low harmony vocals. An accomplished singer/songwriter, she extends her talents by playing keyboard when on tour. “I love playing the piano… I also like to write songs but I’m more of a co-writer.

It’s great to be able to collaborate with someone; usually Lainika. Her and I always seem to write together.” Their song I Choose You was a Top 20 pick in the Songwriting Category at the Gospel Music Association’s Music in the Rockies. She is featured as a soloist on several of the songs she co-wrote. Her clear crisp voice holds an element of purity that makes it stunning to listen to. Danika graduated from high school in May of 2008. “I love using my free time (which is fast slipping away) to develop the gifts God has given me, both musically and in life in general.”

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