Alika Seaman

Alika, 26, loves pouring her passion for Jesus into singing, songwriting and speaking. Her role as lead singer comes naturally, as she is the firstborn in the family. She has been actively involved in worship music ministry since her early teen years. At the age of 17, Alika wrote her first song, Unmistakable, which has received national recognition. “I love writing songs. I’ve been challenging myself lately to make every line epic, definitely more challenging, but also more rewarding.” With the release of the group’s first album, Eternity Focus, debuting one month before her high school graduation in 2007, the group started touring and God has been opening doors for their music ministry in ways these girls never imagined.

“We have an average of about five weekends off per year…” says Alika, “It’s all God. We don’t really know how this has happened, but we’re loving every moment of it. My favorite part would have to be talking with people who initially walked into the service broken, but because of the message of hope found in Jesus that we share through our stories and songs, they leave looking forward to what God has for them today and tomorrow and it makes it all worth it. I surrendered my life to Christ at a Sierra concert (they were a girl group that was popular in the Point of Grace era).

I know that most people may never know the name “Eternity Focus” but if one person walks down the aisle and surrenders their soul to Jesus just like I did all those years ago at a Christian music concert, we have accomplished our mission. For me, Eternity Focus is not about getting a label or singing on prestigious stages, but impacting the world for Christ one life at a time.”

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