Lainika’s Engaged!!! 6.19.16

Three in a row and one to go! The third girl will be taking the plunge in to blissful married life! I, Lainika, had the biggest and best surprise of my life on my 22nd birthday this past month! The love of my life, Bryce Rosener, (who I meet while we were touring), had a whole day full of surprise leading up to the big bling reveal (the proposal lol)! First on the agenda was a trip to Omaha, Nebraska’s outlet mall where we did one of my favorite things… SHOPPING!! With a new outfit in hand, we headed to my favorite restaurant, Bone Fish Grill, and had absolutely divine dinner! Then, being the romantic guy that Bryce is, he had a horse-drawn, cinderella carriage waiting to take us on a ride around downtown Omaha (sigh)! He really does know the way to my heart! Me, being completely oblivious like normal, thought that the dreamy night full of wonderful surprises was over, but boy was I wrong!!! We started the mile walk back to our car which was parked along the river. About a mile farther was the pedestrian walking bridge that spans the wide Missouri river. It was just starting to get dark and Bryce suggested that we take a stroll on the beautiful bridge, so I agreed. The only problem was that me being my normal “fashion over comfort” self, decided to wear 4 inch high heels, and by this time my feet were seriously starting to kill me!! So I asked if he really wanted to walk to the bridge? He said we could drive closer but I just decided to tough it out because he was set on going up there. So after many painful moments, we finally made it to the bridge and I stop 1/4 of the way across thinking that was good enough for me. All the while, Bryce is trying to figure out how to get me to keep walking without making it obvious! He said that we should keep walking, so thinking to myself “Man, he is really determined to walk across this whole bridge.” I kept walking. At the half way point, there was a line painted on the ground with the words “Iowa” on one side and “Nebraska” on the other. I straddled the line and declared that this was like that movie, which I couldn’t think of at the moment, because I noticed someone that looked a lot like Bryce’s friend JT, and he was holding a camera and started taking pictures of us. This is what was going through my head at this point. My feet hurt soo bad… What is the name of that movie… Ugh, this is bothering me that I can’t think of it… Man, that guy looks a lot like JT… wait he has a camera and he’s taking pictures of us… the only reason he would take pictures is if Bryce is proposing… Oh man, this is not happening… HE’S PROPOSING… WHAT?!  Bryce does have the ring!! (This was a complete surprise because he decided to throw me off completely on the drive up to Omaha by telling me he didn’t like any of the rings we picked out 2 months before and he wanted to look at some more when we got to town if we had time. The little stinker! Haha! It totally worked and I believed him and was trying not to be upset at him on the drive up, if we are being honest. lol) He kept up the family tradition and got the ring from the same jeweler that the rest of the family has used! It is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!  Anyway, He gets down on one knee and says “Here on this bridge connects to states, will you connect two lives? Lainika Lanelle Seaman will you marry me?” Okay isn’t he is seriously the sweetest and most romantic guy ever?!! I’m so blessed! Oh, I said YES btw!! Thanks a bunch JT for capturing this unforgettable moment! The craziness that followed of telling my sisters and dad over FaceTime is a different story but lets just say that I couldn’t be happier! The wedding is set for July 22, 2017!!


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