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Danika & Janika’s Fourth of July 5k 7.5.16

Janika invited Danika to come out to Stanberry for the Fourth of July and mentioned that there wo...

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Celebrating with the Symphony 7.1.16

Every year, Kannapolis hosts a free concert in their beautiful city park with music and fireworks...

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Canning Potatoes 6.28.16

The potato crop in North Carolina was definitely more than we expected! After digging up all the ...

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Lainika’s Engaged!!! 6.19.16

Three in a row and one to go! The third girl will be taking the plunge in to blissful married lif...

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Update from North Carolina 5.28.16

A lot of you have been asking how Alika is doing in North Carolina, so we thought we’d give...

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