Canning Potatoes 6.28.16

The potato crop in North Carolina was definitely more than we expected! After digging up all the hills and storing all the large baking sized potatoes in the basement (which was about half of the total take) we ended up canning 68 quarts! Connie and Alika started canning at the church that morning and by the end of the night, Shane, Dale and Elizabeth had all stopped by. PotatoesWe started out with only one pressure canner but decided that if we wanted to finish anytime before midnight, we needed to increase production so to speak. We added a second pressure canner and things really started coming along. We still didn’t finish until about midnight and we were all tired the next day but had a great time! We might be repeating the process if we can’t eat the other half of the crop before they start going bad but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it!

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