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  • Danika & Janika’s Fourth of July 5k 7.5.16

    Janika invited Danika to come out to Stanberry for the Fourth of July and mentioned that there would be a 5k/10k run. Danika excitedly declared that both of them would be running in it! Keep in mind that this was one and a half weeks before the ra...

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  • Celebrating with the Symphony 7.1.16

    Every year, Kannapolis hosts a free concert in their beautiful city park with music and fireworks. I have been wanting to go to the Symphony for years and so I was completely excited about it! On Thursday night, the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra pl...

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  • Canning Potatoes 6.28.16

    The potato crop in North Carolina was definitely more than we expected! After digging up all the hills and storing all the large baking sized potatoes in the basement (which was about half of the total take) we ended up canning 68 quarts! Connie a...

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  • Lainika’s Engaged!!! 6.19.16

    Three in a row and one to go! The third girl will be taking the plunge in to blissful married life! I, Lainika, had the biggest and best surprise of my life on my 22nd birthday this past month! The love of my life, Bryce Rosener, (who I meet while...

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  • Update from North Carolina 5.28.16

    A lot of you have been asking how Alika is doing in North Carolina, so we thought we’d give you an update¬†with this blog. (Since they never post anything on Facebook, here is an little bit of what has been happening since the new year!) For ...

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