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A Different Kind of Love

DifferentKindOfLoveA Different Kind of Love (ADKOL) is a conference for pre-teen and teen girls. The goal for ADKOL is the share the truth about God’s love, so different from everything that the world is portraying, by sharing the message of self-worth, true beauty and purity in an age appropriate, God honoring way. At this conference, each girl will be able to find Biblical answers to the questions they face and be encouraged in their faith in Christ. With uplifting music that brings glory to Jesus as well as games, food and fun, this will be a day that impacts girls in a way they will never forget. The goal for the day is to encourage each girl to find her true inner beauty in Christ and be secure in His love. By counteracting the world’s message of needing to be super skinny, flirtatious, and using relationship with guys as fulfillment, hearts will be filled with Christ.

The conference is a one day event with music, sessions, games, prizes and more. During the sessions, we present topics in an age appropriate setting and deal with the issues that girls today face and give them references from the Scripture that they can choose to apply to their lives. We provide your planning team with customized promotional material including; brochures, flyers, poster etc… We also have set an outline for the event and schedule (whether your event is for 4th-8th graders on a Saturday or Jr. High and High School girls on a Sunday we will have a plan and schedule of events that is flexible and yet cohesive. We provide you with a list of items needed for Minute to Win It games (if applicable) as well as design ideas that will match the conference logo. We also help you decide which REGISTRATION OPTION you would like to go with. Some hosts decide that they would like to offer the conference free of charge and raise funds through sponsorships while others have found that charging a fee with an early bird discount helps to fuel Pre-Registration and gives them a better idea of what to plan for. You can customize your registration options to include a Custom Conference T-Shirt* included for each registrant or add a Custom Conference Bag*. The Registration Option information also contains pointers on how a major give away (such as an iPad) will boost your Pre-Registration response. Meal options are also featured. If you have a heart for the girls in your area and would like to host a conference, we want to make that as easy and painfree as possible! If you would like to request a packet of information detailing everything mentioned above please contact us below!

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*Custom Conference T-Shirts and Bags are copyrighted products and may be purchased through Eternity Focus. Products are offered at a discounted rate if included in the registration. Contact the offices of Eternity Focus for specific quotes.
**By requesting a packet you are under no obligation to host a conference. Thank you for your interest.
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